Designer, welcome home_

Founded by a designer as a place where designers can thrive, we know the needs of creative minds and work tirelessly to make sure they proudly call Semiflat their home.

We design tools that help millions of professionals be more effective at their job_

Team love at Semiflat knows no bounds

We put our heart and soul into everything we do. From designing top-tier interfaces to planning retreats or creating custom gadgets. Everything and everyone at Semiflat is top-notch quality.

Semiflat was created with an ambitious vision in mind. Read the letter from our founder.

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Good times ahead

As a remote team we get together every couple of months to catch up, unwind and have a good time. We plan our retreats with similar passion to the app designs we do. We want every time we meet to feel special for everyone.

We help startups by creating delightful experiences for their users_


We have different opinions and points of view, but all of them can flourish at Semiflat.


We don’t believe in control and micro-managing. Great things are made when everyone can freely decide about their surroundings.


We take responsibility for our actions. We’re proud of our successes and fix our mistakes.


We take responsibility for our actions. We’re proud of our successes and fix our mistakes.


Everyone at Semiflat plays in the same team. We support each other no matter the situation.


We value honesty above eveything else. Every problem can be solved when voices are heard.


We are constantly looking for ways to improve in all aspects - professional and private.


All initiatives within Semiflat are driven by empathy. We never allow for anyone to be left out.

Get a feel for what you can be working on

Problem solving is our strong suit. We live and breathe design and have helped dozens of startups solve complex problems in their respective niches.

But wait, what if I still have questions?_

Can I work remotely?

Yes, absolutely. All of our team members are currently remote.

Will I get a Mac?

If you need hardware, let us know, and we’ll send you one of our MacBooks. Let us know if you have any special requests, and we’ll figure it out!

When will I meet everybody?

At the nearest team retreat. We’re likely already planning it, but if you have any suggestions regarding the destination, drop them on Slack in #team-retreats. We typically plan 3 to 4 retreats every year, so no matter when you join, an unforgettable get-together is only a few short months away.

How fast can I get a raise?

Salary ranges at Semiflat are fully transparent and correlate directly with our internal skill matrix. There are currently six competency levels, each with its requirements. You can get a raise when your evaluation score puts you at a higher level. Don’t worry if it sounds complicated! We will always tell you what to work on to get to the next level and guide you as you move up the competence ladder. The evaluation process is simple - every teammate you’ve worked with will give you ratings across multiple categories every three months.

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