MVP prototype and ongoing support for Doss - a platform for operations teams

Doss Adaptive Resource Platform (ARP) combines the system of record of a traditional ERP with artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Doss app dashboard, designed by Semiflat
  • Ongoing - 6m


  • San Francisco, CA


  • $5.3M


How we’ve helped_

  • User experience design

    We’ve designed the user experience for specific scenarios from scratch.

  • User interface design

    We’ve come up with a subtle yet polished look & feel for the application. 

  • Design system

    We’ve made sure all reusable components were reflected in the component library we’ve handed over to development.

  • Branding

    We’ve designed a few iterations of brand identity for Doss.

  • Website design and development

    We’ve designed and implemented a marketing page for Doss in Webflow.

  • Ongoing support

    We’ve worked closely with the founder in iterative sprints to create prototype scenarios.

Detail of Doss App dashboard designed by Semiflat
Semiflat Case Study: Doss App dashboard

Project background

What is Doss, and what have they managed to do before approaching Semiflat?

Doss is building an Adaptive Resource Platform (ARP), which serves as a system of record for companies with a physical operation. It’s an alternative to traditional ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software, allowing companies to onboard within minutes, without the need to implement, debug, and without huge set-up costs. Doss integrates with the operations tool stack like Shopify, Flexport, ShipStation, Xero, or Quickbooks. 

The Founder of Doss was referred to us by another long-time customer. They were looking for an ongoing full-service design partner for a fixed timeframe (6 months) before they could hire an in-house designer.

The problem

Why did Doss approach us? What outcome were they looking for?

Doss had acquired funding and wanted to create an MVP prototype for their platform. They wanted to show their vision to the prospective customers they were talking to at the time. They knew that the vision for the product would likely evolve, so they were looking for ongoing support over an extended period, a design partner they could work with closely, and that would implement feedback and insights from their customers to create the best product-market fit.

“Nic and the Semiflat team did a phenomenal job working with me to build out our landing page and iterate on product concept and design systems over the last couple of months. It was truly a pleasure working with them, I can’t recommend them enough. The whole team was extremely quick to understand requirements (even when I wasn’t as clear as I should be) and translate them into screens, mocks and research.”
Wiley Jones

Wiley Jones


Semiflat Case Study: Doss App dashboardSemiflat Case Study: Doss App dashboardSemiflat Case Study: Doss App dashboard

Step by step on how we’ve worked with Doss on their application design_

  • Web design and development

    We’ve started the collaboration with a simple marketing page design project. We’ve then implemented our design using Webflow.

  • Client workshops

    In order to better understand the business and customer needs, we’ve held several workshop sessions.

  • User experience design

    After that came the next phase - iterative, low fidelity wireframing, where we’ve proposed solutions around information architecture and hierarchy.

  • User interface design

    We’ve proposed a visual identity for Doss and applied it across all wireframes, delivering a highly polished final design.

  • Design system design

    Along with the user interface, we’ve built a component library of all reusable elements from the designs.

  • Ongoing, iterative collaboration

    Over six months, we’ve iterated on the application prototype to add features and implement ongoing customer feedback.

Semiflat Case Study: Doss App dashboardSemiflat Case Study: Doss App dashboardSemiflat Case Study: Doss App dashboard

Project Outcome

What did Doss gain from working with us? Where is the project now?

Doss recently hired an in-house designer to continue building on top of the work we’ve delivered. Working with Semiflat allowed them to generate initial buzz, go to market faster and create a prototype to gather customer feedback without going through the lengthy and expensive recruitment process. We’ve dedicated a team of designers who are familiar with the product and could generate solutions rapidly, often sharing updates daily.

Currently in beta, Doss is using a prototype we’ve built for them in Figma as the main product demo on their website.

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What are the tangible deliverables Doss received from us during the collaboration?

  1. Website design and implementation

    We’ve created a marketing website design in Figma that we’ve then handed over to an internal no-code developer to implement in Webflow.

  2. A high-fidelity Figma file containing all screens from the prototype

    We’ve delivered a set of high-fidelity screens containing all states and steps in the user’s journey for specific scenarios we’ve identified beforehand.

  3. A separate Figma file containing all custom components from the interface

    We’ve made sure that all of the custom components from the design were reflected in a separate design system file, along with all of their variants, for smooth implementation and consistency.

  4. An interactive Figma prototype

    On top of designing the app screens, we’ve connected them into a clickable Figma prototype that the founder of Doss could then use to better explain his product's vision to potential users and customers.

  5. Brand design

    We’ve created a simple brand book with a new logo, logo mark, color palette, and typography for Doss.

Semiflat Case Study: Doss App dashboardSemiflat Case Study: Doss App dashboardSemiflat Case Study: Doss App dashboard

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Semiflat Case Study: Doss App dashboard