Supporting Phenom - an HR-Tech unicorn by building a dedicated design team

The Phenom platform connects people, data, and interactions to deliver amazing experiences throughout the journey using artificial intelligence and automation.

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  • Ongoing - 2y


  • Ambler, PA


  • $161M


How we’ve helped_

  • User experience design

    We’ve supported Phenom with UX design services across multiple projects.

  • User research

    We’ve provided a dedicated user researcher that conducted and analyzed hundreds of user interviews.

  • User Interface Design

    Over the years, we’ve supported Phenom with top-notch UI designers for existing products as well as new ones.

  • Design System

    Having an expansive product suite, consistency is important to Phenom. That’s why we’ve supported them with a dedicated full-time design system expert.

  • Ongoing support

    We worked with multiple teams across Phenom. Each month team leaders were able to place orders for the number of hours and seniority level they were seeking for their project.

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Phenom helps a billion people find the right job_

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Project background

What is Phenom and what have they managed to do before approaching Semiflat?

Phenom is an HR-Tech unicorn dedicated to helping a billion people find the right job. They’re a global powerhouse with over 1,500 employees in the United States, Israel, the UK, Germany, and more.

Before working with us, they built a suite of intelligent HR tools to deliver engaging experiences to candidates, employees, recruiters, managers, and HR. These tools are on the cutting edge of the industry and help large companies recruit more effectively, retain employees longer and even plan their career paths using AI.

The problem

Why did Phenom approach us? What outcome were they looking for?

Initially, we were approached by the VP of Product Experience at Phenom to help improve the user experience of a product feature. Over time our collaboration grew into several large projects we’ve worked on simultaneously. Phenom had a large internal design team but needed to scale their efforts up quickly without recruiting in-house. They’ve worked with us to innovate faster, deliver more features and stay ahead of the competition.

On top of that, Phenom had ambitious plans to build a dedicated innovation team of top-tier talent who’d focus exclusively on developing new product features in the automation and AI spaces.

“What impressed me most about Semiflat was their ability to work seamlessly with our existing design team. They integrated members of their team with ours, and this collaboration proved to be highly effective. Their collaborative approach, responsiveness, and expertise make them a valuable asset to any project.”
Hanan Hermelin

Hanan Hermelin

Executive Director of Product Experience Operations

Step by step on how we’ve worked with Phenom supporting their design needs_

  • Initial test assignment

    The first task we ever worked on with Phenom was improving the UX of a feature from one of their products.

  • User experience design

    We have continued this project after gaining Phenom’s trust and supporting them with ongoing UX design services across multiple products.

  • User interface design

    We’ve supported teams across Phenom by creating polished UI designs on an ongoing basis.

  • User testing

    We’ve provided a dedicated user researcher who supported Phenom in learning their user’s needs over several months

  • Design system design

    A dedicated expert design system designer has spent several months updating and expanding the company’s Figma library.

  • Dedicated design teams

    No matter what Phenom's needs were, we always delivered - we’ve recruited specifically for their projects and even built dedicated teams for them.

  • Motion design

    We’ve facilitated a collaboration between Phenom and an animation studio to create a movement for one of their conceptual projects

  • Continuous design support

    We’ve maintained this collaboration model and, two years later, are still helping Phenom be more effective on the design front.

Semiflat Case Study: Pocus App dashboardSemiflat Case Study: Pocus App dashboardSemiflat Case Study: Pocus App dashboardSemiflat Case Study: Pocus App dashboardSemiflat Case Study: Pocus App dashboard

Project Outcome

What did Phenom gain from working with us? Where is the project now?

We have supported Phenom with a wide range of design services, from user experience design to user research, user interface design, design system design, and more. We have established an ‘hour bank’ - a solution where Phenom’s team leaders could request a fixed number of hours for their project. They could also choose the seniority that was most suited for the task. In many cases, team leaders have built close relationships with our designers and continued to work with them on their projects for months.

Besides supporting Phenom with ongoing services, we’ve recruited designers specifically for their projects. We have supplied dedicated designers in the team augmentation model, who were onboarded into Phenom teams and worked exclusively on that project in a given timeframe.

Over the course of several months, we’ve also recruited three senior designers (two UI and one UX) for the Innovation Hub - a dedicated team of talent assembled to help Phenom work on ideating new features, especially around AI and new technology that could give them a further advantage over competitors.

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What are the tangible deliverables Phenom received from us during the collaboration?

  1. Dozens of low-fidelity Figma files

    Over the course of our collaboration, we’ve produced dozens of low-fidelity Figma files across teams and projects. Initially working in our Figma workspace, we’ve transitioned to Phenom’s Figma for the sake of keeping the work we do extra secure.

  2. Interactive POV prototypes in Figma

    We’ve delivered multiple clickable prototypes for Phenom’s internal use - especially Proof of Value (POV) presentations,

  3. A complex design system Figma file

    Our dedicated designer worked on Phenom’s design system file in their internal Figma workspace, rebuilding, updating, and expanding it over several months.

  4. Interview transcriptions and insights in Dovetail

    We’ve conducted user interviews for one of Phenom’s projects, then transcribed and analyzed them in Dovetail.

  5. Multiple Figma files with polished UI designs

    We have delivered dozens of high-fidelity design files for multiple teams and projects.

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Semiflat Case Study: Pocus App dashboard