We are a full-service product design agency_

Our approach to design is technical - not purely aesthetic. Every design decision is process and data-driven to deliver an intuitive and delightful experience for your users.

What are Workshops and analysis?

It’s the preliminary phase of any design project at Semiflat. We use it to gain the full understanding of the product vision, industry, competition and business goals. That ensures that the entire design process is smooth and we can add maximum value to your organization.

How will your organization benefit from research & analysis_

Strong foundation for the project

Conducting a Workshops & analysis phase lets us build an understanding of your business, ICPs, current problems so that we can better serve you down the line.

Independence and design leadership

We want to lead the effort and guide you in our process. To make that possible we need to dig deep into your product or idea to make sure we understand all ins and outs.

Smooth partnership

This phase is also where we ask any questions/clear up any confusion surrounding your business which helps avoid miscommunication in the future.

Faster delivery

Building an understanding of your product helps reduce time needed for answering questions and in turn helps us move much faster.

Why we always conduct workshops and analysis?

Building solid understanding of the problem and target user

We work with companies across different niche industries. Many of them are highly technical and require special knowledge to comfortably operate in. In order to be able to propose the most optimal solutions later on, it’s crucial for us to get as good of an understanding of your goal, vision and business landscape as possible.

Analyzing current competitors

This gives us further background on the industry standards, as well as an idea of any low hanging fruit that we can implement in your project to give you advantage over competitors.

Defining the design challanges

Any project needs clear objective definition in order to succeed. Conducing the analysis phase allows us to identify the challenges and objective early on so that you can know what you can expect moving forward.

Why it’s detrimental for the project to skip this step?

Lack of context in the later stages

Skipping the initial discovery phase is likely to catch up with us at laters stages of the project and ultimately slow down the process or require your detailed guidance. Not taking the time to learn the terminology, problems and general reality of your industry will prevent us from being proactive in suggesting optimal solutions as the project moves forward.

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