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Useful app dashboard, designed by Semiflat
  • 2 months


  • Austin, TX


  • $5M


How we’ve helped_

  • Discovery Workshops

    We’ve conducted an extensive Discovery phase to define all user stories and a complete navigation structure for the product.

  • User experience design

    We’ve translated the findings of the Discovery session into a set of low-fidelity wireframes..

  • User Interface Design

    We’ve proposed multiple style variations and translated all lo-fi mockups into the one Client loved most.

  • Design System

    We’ve built a comprehensive component library for all reusable elements within the design.

Detail of Useful app dashboard designed by Semiflat
Semiflat Case Study: Useful app dashboard

Project background

What is Useful, and what have they managed to do before approaching Semiflat?

The founders of Useful are product managers who previously worked at a big tech company. Their idea for an app was born from a shared struggle to stay on top of the customer discovery process. They realized organizing their work manually with spreadsheets provides little visibility and isn’t scalable. There had to be a better way!

After discovering that there was no solution on the market, they took matters into their own hands. They embarked on a mission to help companies build closer relationships with their customers and extract insights from their conversations.

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The problem

Why did Useful approach us? What outcome were they looking for?

Useful approached us after conducing more than one hundred interviews with project managers, researchers and designers. They knew exactly what problems their potential users were facing but needed our help with translating their insights into features and user flows and a full MVP design.

“When we set out to work with a design studio, we were looking for true partnership, not just great execution. Paulina, Nic, and Ewa were all of that and more. They helped bring our vision to life and were real thought partners throughout the creative process. They gave us an incredible foundation to work with, and we’re excited to partner with the Semiflat team in the future.”
Mike Ottavi-Brannon

Mike Ottavi-Brannon


Semiflat Case Study: Useful app dashboardSemiflat Case Study: Useful app dashboardSemiflat Case Study: Useful app dashboard

Step by step on how we’ve worked with Useful on their MVP design_

  • Discovery sessions

    Over several video sessions, we worked with Useful’s founders to establish user personas, user stories, core user flows, and navigation structure.

  • Workshops & analysis

    We’ve analyzed our notes and recordings from our meetings to ensure we’re moving into the next phase with a full understanding of business needs and goals.

  • User experience design

    The next and most time-intensive part of the project was translating all the findings of discovery sessions into a complete set of lo-fi wireframes.

  • User interface design

    We’ve added a bit of magic to the low-fidelity mockups, proposing several look & feel variations and making sure even empty states were engaging and pleasant to look at.

  • Design system design

    We’ve built a starter design system so Useful can scale their product in the future without worrying about inconsistency.

Semiflat Case Study: Useful app dashboardSemiflat Case Study: Useful app dashboardSemiflat Case Study: Useful app dashboard

Project Outcome

What did Useful gain from working with us? Where is the project now?

Over two months, we’ve delivered a complete user experience and a clickable application prototype. We wanted to make sure that Useful is set up for success, so we’ve also implemented a design system containing all of the components used across the interface.

Useful went on to raise a $5M financing round from Spark Capital and Unusual Ventures. The application is currently in the last stages of development, serving first users through an early-access program.

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What are the tangible deliverables Useful received from us during the collaboration?

  1. A whiteboard containing the summary of all Discovery sessions

    The outcome of the workshops was delivered to Useful as a FigJam - a whiteboard-like canvas containing sticky notes, diagrams, and tables filed with assumptions, business goals, and vision that we’ve gathered on our calls with the founders.

  2. A low-fidelity Figma file containing all screens from the application

    Useful also got a separate Figma file containing all pages reflective of user flows established in the project's initial phase. We've worked on this file throughout the majority of the project in iterative sprints, focusing on one user flow at a time.

  3. A high-fidelity Figma file containing all screens from the application

    Starting with the look & feel proposals, we've carried the established style to the previously designed low-fidelity wireframes to give them a final, polished look. We then handed over this file to the developers.

  4. A component library file

    We know that a small MVP can quickly grow into a large product. With rapid user growth comes the demand for new features, which needs to be rapidly fulfilled. Startups in the early stages often rely solely on developers to modify existing designs which can easily lead to multiple versions of the same screen or component. We wanted to avoid this scenario, so we've equipped Useful with a separate file containing all reusable components to implement and build on top of in the future.

  5. Clickable prototype

    We’ve connected the key high fidelity pages into clickable sequences so Useful could not only tell investors and customers about their product but actually show it to them.

Semiflat Case Study: Useful app dashboardSemiflat Case Study: Useful app dashboardSemiflat Case Study: Useful app dashboard

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Semiflat Case Study: Useful app dashboard